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Welcome to my little slice of the web. I created this site primarily as a testing bed for my DHTML, PHP, Javascript, and other Web Development skills. As such, feel free to check back often for changes as my skills, and bravery, improve.


To visit the different areas on the site, simply left-click on any of the tabs at the bottom. All of the other links work as standard hyperlinks.

A brief description of each page:

Main - This Page.
Personal - A simple bio, nothing extravagant.
Projects - Different fun things I am working on.
Links - Sites that everybody should know about.
Contact me - How to send questions, comments, and improvements.

Notes, Caveats, and Other Gotcha's

My primary priority in building this site is strict adherence to W3C standards. More information on what the W3C is can be found here. What this means, is that, if you are using Internet Explorer, the site, while fully functional, may not appear as it does in other browsers. You have two choices in this matter: try a W3C compliant browser, such as firefox, or live with a small amount of quirkiness. If the page is seriously unusable in IE, feel free to contact me, and I will gladly fix ASAP.
Enjoy the site, and feel free to give me feedback.

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Personal Info

I guess these are the basic facts. I am a young male living in the southeastern region of the United States of America. I am engaged to the most creative, inspirational, and wonderfully challenging woman I know.

So what do I do for 8 hours a day?

Currently, I am a Systems Analyst for a resort. I have roughly 6 years experience in the UNIX system administration field. Particularly dealing with IBM's AIX.

Outside of work...?

I game a lot. I also am a psuedo-technofile - I listen, and attempt feebly to mix music from time to time. Favorites are, but not limited to, Alternative and Modern Rock. I also love the outdoors. I attend museums and events, watch plays/movies. When I find time I attempt a little creative writing.

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Current Favorite Emerson Quote:

A chief event of life is the day in which we have encountered a mind that startled us.


These are the fun things I am working on..


After all, what is a personal page without a myriad of hyperlinks?

Site related
Sundanceloki Blog
Technology Related
Fedora Core, A Red Hat Linux Community Project
Sourceforge, an excellent repository for OSS software
The Linux Documentation Project, A good source for answers to Linux related questions
Personal Favorites
The bestest of alls the sites on the web ::wink::, It is the google for anthropology studies
Paranormal Research Online
Emerson Central, A great site for the works of RWE
Inspirational Sites, another good trancendentalism sute
Quotes from Carl Jung
Wisdom Media
The Celestine Prophecy Official Site

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Primary e-mail: sundance-site at
Secondary e-mail: sundanceloki at
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